Monday, April 6, 2009


I read an archive on someone's site and saw they had a "10 Things That Represent Me or My Life" post, and I thought it was very interesting. Her ten things were very interesting, and they inspired me to write some of my own... Although I could only come up with 7. Maybe later I will add more!

1. My Room: My room represents me in so many ways, it's a bit too obvious. I have random memorabilia strewed across the room here and there; just like I know it in my mind. A clusterfuck, as Dane Cook calls it. It's a nice room, clean when it needs to be, messy most of the time, and you can never depend on it to have what you need. Sounds like this is #1 on the list! Anyway, it holds a lot of meaning to me. In my closet, you have a bin full of shoes. I love shoes, and they don't usually last long with me. Purses are stacked in there as well. I don't really use my closet for clothes, just shoes, purses, and a couple boxes with a carpet of dust on them. You will always find some kind of paper or scrap of something on the floor. ALWAYS. My bookshelf is strewed with books leaning to this side and that, stacked on one another. My cork board is cluttered with things I thought would fit on it. I have dusty stuffed animals and figurines of cartoon characters I adored. Random pictures are placed in random frames. There is a can of soup and jewelry scattered on my desk. Clothes are pouring from my bins and there are wires everywhere. This is one thing that represents me: My Room.

2. My Artwork:
There are so many people that use their art to represent themselves in different ways. People may paint a self-portrait, or splatter paint all over a canvas just because they were angry. All of my art represents me, because I put my blood and sweat into it. I will sit there with a brush in my hand that is messy with paint, and think. When I put my thoughts into actions, that is representing me.

3. Kitkat:
She is my heart and soul. Although she is just a cat, she is part of me. I raised her and taught her how to love and be comforting. I also gave her some attitude. I see her and imagine looking like her, if I was ever a cat. I always talk about her.

4. The Woods on a Cloudy Spring Day:
The woods are damp from the morning shower of light sticky dew, and everything has a shade of gray. Everything is toned down, the colors dull, and the light filtered. Like my eyes half shut, peering under a fan of eyelashes. The green moss, damp with dew, contrasting against the gray bark of a Dogwood tree. The branches still do not have life, because of the cold days that have barely disappeared. Everything so serene and original, the cool breeze that smells like rain passing through the rustling branches of aged trees that stand one hundred feet. This is me.

5. My Mother:
Obviously my mother represents me in so many ways! Aside from looking alike, we act a lot alike. We are both very ambitious and imaginative. As she is obsessed with making lists, so am I. We can be ditzy, but we never fail to give a smart-ass remark when teased about it. I get most of my creativity from her, as well. As far as I know, my dad doesn't have any creativity. We are two emotional gals who are spunky and fun, but also serious and to-the-point when needed.

6. My Father:
My father is a very peculiar man and he represents me more than he knows. I can be a flat-out bitch sometimes, and I get that attitude from my dad. I also get my temper from him. We both get red-faced when we laugh or get mad. Before I got braces, we had the same crookedy tooth. As we both smile, our left eye squints just the same. I have his curly hair, his big hands and feet, and his face (for the most part). When you look at my dad, sometimes you can actually see me.

7. My Key Chain Collection:
I've collected key chains for as long as I can remember. I would buy a few, but most of them were given to me. There are key chains with sayings, pictures, advertisements, and any kind of key chain you can think of. I always thought "hey, i wonder if they have a record for the most key chains in a key chain collection..." and there it began. Every time I got my hands on one, it went on the still-growing mass of my key chain collection.

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