Saturday, March 28, 2009


I am thinking about doing a scrapbook to represent my senior year. I want to include anything and everything that reminds me of this school year. Even events that happened this school year. Here are a few things I have so far:

-Barack Obama: news paper clippings, pictures, etc...
-CBU: stickers, schedule, etc...
-My 18th birthday: pictures, invitation, etc...
-School, in general: progress report, ACT scores, acceptance letters, tassel, etc...
-Friends: pictures and assorted memorabilia with me included
-Family: pictures and assorted memorabilia with me included
-Isabella: pictures, etc...
-Prom: pictures, souvenirs, etc...
-Graduation: pictures, souvenirs, etc...
-College: pamphlets, acceptance letters, etc...
-Lap-Band: drawing, pictures, food labels, etc...
-Memphis pillow fight: article, pictures, etc...

Other ideas, but not sure if I am going to do them in the future: Beale St. Music Fest, Memphis in May, Bonnaroo, any other summer trips before college...

Also, this certain scrapbook will stay at home with my family, so they can reminisce whenever they are missing me. I will have my Senior scrapbook that I got along with other senior memorabilia from Balfour. The Senior scrapbook will travel with me.

Friday, March 6, 2009

My Spirit, My Heart

The blooming of a flower,
Like a child's transformation,
Overcome with great power,
With a wispy sensation.
Innocence is abundant,
With bright faces and smiles,
Their actions so redundant,
There is kindness for miles.
Her arms open wide,
And her wings unfold,
While she's full of great pride,
And important, I'm told.
I give her my trust,
And hold her like no other,
There's nothing unjust,
About loving my mother.
Sweet kisses of love,
Upon my blessed cheek,
Thanking the Gods above,
For a bond that's so unique.