Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Darkness Engulfed

The darkness engulfs me,
No light shines through.
My soul screams and fights,
My heart starts to wither.

I hear someone screaming,
But they are not frightened.
They are screaming my name,
And I think I see light.

Hope flutters in my heart,
And it doesn't look so withered now.
My soul screams back,
Fighting even harder now.

This fleck of light grows bigger,
And soon I am blinded.
 My heart beats wildly,
And now my soul cheers and sings.

The light is so bright,
But I walk forward.
Arms stretched out,
My voice wavering 'Hello?'

I see her now,
A woman before me smiling.
Her arms are outreached,
She beckons me.

I hug her tightly,
Sobs quieted by the sound of her heart.
I close my eyes and sleep,
Only to wake in my bed.

This dream was not just a dream,
My cry for help was answered.
My God helped  me and her arms,
Comforting as she embraced me.

The message was clear,
I now know what I have to do.
Follow her voice,
And look toward the light.