Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tongue Twisters

Marty the Moose Made Mushrooms by Mixing Moldy Molasses that Melted My Musty Mouth.

Tom Tinkerton Tip-Toed Topless Toward Tina To Tap Turtles Tomorrow.

Lonely Lepers Lather Llama Legs Like Lips Licking Lollipops.

Barton the Butler Bumps Betty out of Balance Because a Baby Bottle Broke.

Pop Pet Pussies Prancing Past Peoples Penis Pumps.

Godfrey the Goose Guarded the Ghost Grave and Gasped Greatly at the Gory Guts that Grossly Glisten and Gush with Gaudy Greatness.


dragyonfly said...

What a wonderful world of wacky wild whirlygig words of wisdom. Keep doin' em.


I'm roaring here...Love them! I'll try them while doing my make up...;)