Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Public Bath

Kaelia Darkwater stands in the doorway of the Spa, her hair unpinned, and a towel around her body. She notices a silhouette in the bath, and turns to the chair near the entrance. Quietly she waits her turn, her eyes averting to the floor. Lyn Walker, the man in the bath, blinked for a moment as he stepped out of the spa, towel wrapped around his waist as he looked over to spot the woman sitting by the wall. After a long moment of awkward silence and staring, he slipped behind the curtain, embarrassed. "Sorry!" He called out, blushing slightly from behind the curtain. Kaelia’s eyes flutter as she is spoken to. Her mouth opens to speak, but she can only stare, her copper-filled eyes wandering over his well-built body, dripping with beads of water. As she caught herself staring, she looks away immediately. "Oh, no... It's a public spa, right? I just don't want to interrupt your tranquility." Her pale skin also blushed under a lock of white hair. The man slipped back into the water, his back turned to her, realizing that his clothes were on the other side of the spa. "I... It's alright. I don't... I don't mind." He murmured, closing his eyes and bringing a hand up to his head. What had he gotten himself into now? Best be polite. Don't impede. "You're right... It... It's a public spa. Feel free... I will just stay over here, if that makes you feel better." Kaelia smiles politely and feels her face become warm. "Alright, I don't mind either." Standing she removes her towel and places it on the chair she was sitting in. Stepping lightly to the curtain, she peeks behind it to make sure he wasn't looking. At the edge of the bath, she stuck a toe in. It was warm. Stepping in, she quickly sank down to her shoulders, eyeing the extremely handsome man in front of her. Lyn kept his back to her, avoiding temptation to turn and peer over his shoulder at all costs, keeping his eyes closed even though he wasn't looking at her. "I... I'm Lyn." He turned just slightly, holding a hand outward without looking at her, waiting for her to shake it. He was a nervous fellow, to say the least. "It's... Nice to meet you... Well... Kind of meet you, I can't see you." Kaelia reached out to meet his hand. "I'm Kaelia. Pleased to meet you, Lyn." She noticed his uncomfort, and let go of his strong yet hand. "How can you enjoy the spa with your eyes closed the whole time?" Smiling at her own wit, Kaelia raised a handful of water and poured it over her head, dampening her hair. Lyn slowly opened his eyes, keeping his gaze ahead and his back to her as his hand was released. "I don't want to stare and make you uncomfortable, Miss Kaelia." He murmured, hair already wet and matted to his form, down to the middle of his back. His hair tie remained around his wrist for the time being. Kaelia dipped underwater after he spoke, quickly rising again. Her hair was now fully wet as beads of water ran down her face and shoulders. "Oh, can you not keep your eyes level with my face?" Reaching to her neck, she tugs at her necklace, adjusting it. Lyn blushed harder, shrinking down somewhat. "No... I mean no that's not it... I just... It's rude, isn't it? I want to respect your privacy." He grumbled, feeling more and more embarrassed by the second. Kaelia shrugs, even though he couldn't see it. "Well, if I am going to relax in a public spa, I think I should expect wandering eyes. As long as you don't stare, I'm fine." Relaxing now, she leans against the edge of the bath. She points her legs out in front of her. Lyn glanced over his shoulder for a moment, looking at her only a small bit, peeking as it were. "Are you certain you are comfortable with that?" He asked, slowly turning around as he did so, leaning back against 'his' side of the spa. "I don't wish to offend you, Miss Kaelia." She nods as he looks over. "I don't mind... You are not going to offend me." Smiling, she leans back, her arms resting at her sides. Raising her eyes to him, she tilts her head. "Are you comfortable with it, Mr. Lyn?" Lyn blushed, clearly, as he stared at her for just a moment, shaking his head free of looking. "I'm a little shy about the idea. I'm not used to bathing with a woman I do not know, but I'm not uncomfortable." He sat quietly for a moment, taking in her figure, above the water, for the first time. Kaelia runs a hand over her hair, smoothing it down. "Well, I'm sorry if I did make you uncomfortable." Sinking down further, she submerges herself to her chin. "So what brings you to the Moonlight Club?" Not knowing what else to do or say, she tries to bring up conversation. Lyn laughed slightly, tilting his head to the side. "I work here. I'm a tender from a while back. I had to take a hiatus, and just recently returned..." He leaned back and stretched his legs out, trying to relax, accidentally brushing his legs against hers, pulling them back quickly with a worried look. "Sorry." Kaelia nods. "Interesting. I wanted to apply here today, that's why I am here. I figured since I am applying I should loosen myself up first." As he brushed up against her, she giggled slightly, her eyes squinting and her cheeks rising as she chuckles. "That tickled!" Loosening up, Lyn chuckled as she laughed. Her laughter was refreshing to him, as he thought she would get angry. "Sorry, again." He was unaware of what part of her leg he had tickled, many ideas crossing his mind before he shook them away. Lyn was trying to contain the 'male' in him. "So what job were you looking to apply for?" Kaelia watches Lyn as she bobs in the water. There was a look about him that she saw in every man. Still staring at him, she lifts her leg, poking her toe up from the water. "I am not sure. I was thinking bartending, because I have experience, but I don't really know what is up for grabs." Sitting up more, she emerges from the water, her cleavage now exposed. Lyn nodded, his eyes falling on her cleavage before he tore them away, rather quickly. "A-ah. I see. I'm a tender here, too. I'm sure we could use a few extra hands. It would at least give me someone to talk to during the slow hours." He was staring at the water now. This woman, so close to him, it was hard not to stare. He managed, though, which was at least something. Kaelia noticed his struggle to keep his eyes off of her. Grinning to herself, she looks down at the water and splashes it a bit. "Oh, well I am glad I already know someone I may be working with." Still smiling, she reaches forward and lifts his chin up. "You can look wherever, I don't mind." Lyn held the blush on his cheeks for a moment, crimson eyes staring into her gold. His eyes held a mix of awkward embarrassment and excitement. The male in him eager, while the gentleman in him shy. "I... It's... If you are... Okay." He stammered, glancing down to her chest for a moment, taking in the curves of her figure. She gently removed her hand from his chin and smiled sheepishly. "You really are shy." She watched as his eyes moved from hers to her chest, looking down to see what he was looking at. Sitting in the bath, she crosses her legs 'Indian-style' and smiles. Lyn Walker nodded for a moment, smiling nervously. "Y-you could say that." He kept his eyes on her chest a moment longer, clearly struggling between looking away and keeping his gaze where it was. "I'm just not used to it..." He laughed nervously, rubbing the back of his neck. "But I already said that, huh?" He shrugged slightly, suddenly realizing he was very aroused from the female before him, looking away and hoping she wouldn't notice. “I-I’m sorry.” Kaelia chuckles, her eyes scanning over his smooth-looking skin. "Well, I'm not really used to it either..." She looks away for a moment, then looks back at him as he turns away. "But I kind of like it." Her face was stern, until a curl formed in the corner of her lips. Moving slightly closer, she accidentally brushes her foot against his leg. "You don't have to apologize." Lyn’s heart pounded as she drew closer to him, feeling her skin against his, listening as she spoke. "I-is that so? Nn..." He closed one eye as her body connected to his, worried slightly that she would brush against his arousal any moment. "I'm... Glad you like it then." Kaelia leans back, submerging herself under the water again, getting her hair wet. She didn't know it, but leaning back exposed her chest. Coming up from the water again, the water rushed off her face and shoulders. "You know, you're really nice. I appreciate you trying not to hurt my feelings." As she spoke, she put a paw on his arm to emphasize what she was saying. Lyn sat, nodding in silence after having seen her bare chest exposed so perfectly to him. The blush seemed to now be a permanent part of his features, eyes still on her chest, imagining their full glory for a few moments more before looking back to her eyes. "I'm sorry... I don't mean to be rude, honest... But, when you dipped under... Your breasts..." Kaelia looks down at her chest. "Oh... I'm sorry." Looking away, she brings her knees to her chest and wraps her arms around them. Lyn shook his head, watching her reaction. Now he thinks he made her feel bad. "N-no, it's not like that! I didn't mean that I didn't like it, I really did like seeing it..." He was even more embarrassed now, stammering over his own words, but his desire to make her feel better even if he hadn't offended her, overcame him. "I'd...I'd like to see again, too..." Kaelia lowers her knees and begins to stand. As she stood, the water began to drip from her chest down to her stomach and down her thighs, dripping back into the bath. Standing there, she does not speak, but only stares at his face for a reaction. Her body is thin but strong. Small breasts perk up and her legs stand straight. There is a white patch of fur in between her thighs. Reaching her hand out, she touches his face. Lyn continued to blushed fervently, but did no look away, until she touched his face. Once her hand found it's mark, he looked at her, crimson eyes shining like someone who'd seen it for the first time. "You’re really quite something, Miss Kaelia." He reached his hand out for a moment, nearing her fit stomach, though he paused, looking up at her again like a child asking for a treat. "M-may I?" She nods, smiling sweetly. "Yes." Her voice was smoother and sweeter. The hand on his face stroked his jaw, her heart beating wildly behind her chest. She was very nervous, but showed no sign of it. Stepping slightly closer, she looks down to him, her golden eyes glistening.
Lyn ran his fingers along her stomach lightly - her hips, her thighs, exploring with a light touch. He grew bolder, it seemed, the more she allowed him to do, finally sliding forward in the water, his hands moving to her back as he pressed light kisses along her stomach. Kaelia exhales slowly as he touches her. It gave her chills, in a good way. Closing her eyes for a moment, she sighs lightly as he kisses her stomach. As he does this, she moves her hand to the back of his neck, rubbing it slightly. Lyn continued to trail light kisses along her abdomen, her hand on his neck spurring him on. The daring man shifts his kisses to her inner thigh, eventually trading his lips for his tongue, a very light, long lick running from her inner thigh up to her belly button, careful and gentle, even though it was very teasing. Kaelia lets him have his way for a moment, then steps back slowly and rests on her knees. She keeps her paw on his neck as she stares into his eyes. "I like you. You're sweet and passionate." Leaning foward, she places a kiss on each cheek, then on his lips. Opening her eyes she smiles to him. "I don't want to move too fast, though. Just so you know, you didn't do anything wrong. I loved it.” Over time, they shared laughs and stories. They made love three weeks after dating, and soon became united in marriage. Their rendez-vous remains in their hearts as the moment they fell in love.

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