Friday, February 27, 2009

Future Plans

Well, I haven't posted a personal blog in a while, so I thought I would update you guys.

Recently, I have finished my online chemistry class. I did excellent, and I am sure that my final grade will be an A. I am still taking my dual-enrollment class at CBU, and I am sure to be done by May, as any other college semester. In other news, I have been fighting for this thing for over a year: the Lap-Band. I have finally gone through all the procedures, such as lab work, seminars, nurse visits, and meetings. A couple days ago, I met with the surgeon, Dr. Woodman, and he gave me "the talk." I have the surgery date, and it is March 10th. Hopefully this surgery will help me with the motivation I need. I have been overweight most of my life, and it has really been a struggle for me... Mentally and physically. I have seen my mother go through this procedure, and it has been great for her. She has given me so much inspiration, and I am so proud of her. She has lost 100+ pounds. Way to go, mom! I am nervous and excited. This will be the first surgery I endure, but I am ready. I am graduating in May, and I will be heading to college at UT Martin in August. Hopefully by then, I will be a new person, physically of course. I am trying to prepare myself for the humongous changes that will be occuring this year. Also, I am trying to quit smoking. It's a horrible habit that I picked up as a young teen. Smoking for almost over four years, I am ready to break the habit. It will also be good to quit, because I need my lung power to exercise more comfortably. Ahh... Well, I think that's about it on me. Thanks for those of you that read this. Until next time!

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dragyonfly said...

I think you will like the new you. Eating and smoking are emotional crutches and if you get a hold of it now, you will live to a ripe old healthy age.
I am in your corner all the way.

I know you can Do it. I am very proud of you. You have really grown into a great young woman. We cant wait to see what you do next.