Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Fire Alarm

I can hear it in a far distance,
As if I am standing at the end of a dark hallway,
Something all of the sudden behind me,
Quickly raising the hairs on the back of my neck,
Making me gasp as I turn to see what it is.

I abruptly sit up in bed as my heart skips,
Feeling as if the wind was just knocked out of me,
My nerves feel quick as my mind is numb,
A tingling sensation rises in my legs as I try to stand,
Fumbling for shoes and clothes.

I am in a deep slumber as I dream of pleasant things,
Benadryl pumping through my system,
As peaceful as a fresh summer morning as the sun rises,
Suddenly interrupted by the clash of swords and chaos,
Dark thunderclouds cover the backs of my eyelids.

Thump thump lulls the rhythm of my heart,
Missing one too many beats that it should have thumped,
Hard to swallow and blurred vision makes me anxious,
The sound of the crude siren began to muffle,
The ringing in my ears overpowering the ghastly trumpet.

Cold and chilly I feel as if I awoke from a terrible nightmare,
My thoughts frizzled and my blood pressure high,
A shiver runs through my body as the noise continues,
More sirens as the big red caterpillar of a truck turns the corner,
Screaming back at the Banshee behind brick walls.

A return to my peaceful slumber,
My nerves finally settled in,
A parting with the horrid thoughts,
Of nightmares and loud things,
Rest awaits me as I fall back into dream land.

Never more said the young girl,
Who still cannot sleep,
From the Banshee that lives in her building,
Creeps up behind her,
Every now and again screaming in her eternal nightmares.


Brian Miller said...

ugh...makes me think of the fire alarm at school....def a head ache inducer...the up and down the night...that can def get old....

dragyonfly said...

i love the phrase,
"ringing in my ears overpowering the ghastly trumpet."
and the banshee in the bricks line...
Very auditory piece, sensory overload is well covered here.
Thanks for sharing!!

PS: turn off your bot thingie...

Anonymous said...

Definitely a nightmarish read - well written, though.