Thursday, December 24, 2009


He walks through the shadows on a windy night. Stepping through snow covered veils of a willow tree.

He strides across his desert-covered floor, pads of his boots wearing low. Stop and put your sunglasses on boy.

Don’t tread on me, or I will go crazy. I don’t think you know me.

Jump, sing, shout, and hear! I cannot see my eyes they aren’t in front of me. Clapping heels across a wooden floor!

Lingering in a dust covered room. Not knowing what to think, or much less do. I can’t believe you see that way, look a little closer.

Stinging in my brain, nothing to release it. I need another shot of that crack, please baby freebase it.

Nothing got me higher than to look at your purple eyes, screaming with serenity. Quite possibly I’m dying, but nothing is to say for sure.

Jabbering jaws curling with green foliage. Creepy-crawling creatures on the bathroom floor.

Fields of leaves a-falling, one by one with no aim. Aimlessly floating onto their future grave. One, two, three, four, something’s knocking at my door!

Swaying tolls of textured sounds, slowly leaking my brain out. Nothing can quite compare to my boring times.

Taking one step after another, in order to the rhythm. I’m keeping tune with my leaders.