Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Excerpt of a Story

We waltz into a room with a menagerie of people. The lights are bright, but there are so many bad dark spots. They do not see... No they not see the creature that hides in the curtains and in coat closets, waiting to catch their pray. Nay, might I say, this is a conspicuous type of party. On the contrary, even the butler seems on edge. After observing, I saw a gun under his coat. I saw him. He left around the quarry and yelled at me to go. So they hopped in the car and drove for a while. Heavy Metal blasted in her ears. He held his hand on her's and they smiled. As they drive they finally see a sign stating there was 350 miles until their destination. They were planning to travel to South America. First, though, they have to drive to get to Miami, FL before they could get on the plane that takes them to South America. His kids were in the back seat, sleeping. Their heads bobbed over to one side, their hair tangled and sticking straight up in the back. Little kiddie toes dangle under them as they are far from touching the floor.

Spelling, grammar, and other non-story changing is welcome.

Also, this is only an excerpt from a short story I may be writing.

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