Friday, July 10, 2009

Crazy Talk

There's something wrong with me, I'm losing my head. Time seems to slow to a slug-like pace, leering on towards disaster. Youth seems to fade, as days go on... Numbered like Jews in a Concentration Camp. Ongoing like the first rain after a drought. Kinds of people don't understand the pressures of the steam press. It's hot like fire, yet leaves your thoughts cool as ice. Tiny spores land in my mouth, growing vines the size of mountains. Blackness seeps through the cracks of the clouds, tearing the sunny walls down like avalanches. Pulling my teeth with rusted pliers, sitting in a barn with mold and pollen. Rotten photos are x-rayed into my mind, leaving memories of jealousy and broken-heartedness. Teary eyed children haunt my dreams like bad things in a winter night forest. Poets don't understand, and artists are too arrogant. The writers feel the most, the words pouring like blood at each pulse. Trotting into your mind, the thoughts yearn to be produced. Into technology, into paper, or possibly through other meanings. Let your steam out. Let it rise above you and shout it out to the world. They need to know. They should know what is going on in a crazed mind, like deer in the meadow caught by a lightning strike. Crushing the past in its wake, leaving behind an ashen mess. Crumbles of wet paper and weathering rock. Gritting between the jaws of the lifeless, my heart skips a beat as you stand in the doorway. My mind a blur, as you stand in shadows of the pale moon. Men with faces of stublle, women with chests so bountiful. Care for my wounds, treat the scabs and tendons. They unfold like leaves in the fall, crawling to a halt in the middle of a desert storm. I cannot explain the unknown, I just know that it's out there, watching, waiting, hearing... It perches on its hind legs and patiently awaits the moment to strike at your heels. JUMP! Into the land of happiness, where trees flood the naked eye, and oceans fill your ears. Wait, and you will see.

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