Monday, January 12, 2009

Writing Prompt: Words that hurt me…

Writing Prompt: Words that hurt me…

When someone throws a rock into shallow water, it splashes and causes a wave of ripples. This is what these words do when they are thrown at me. The insults and lies that pour out of their mouths fills me with sadness and hatred. I’m fat, stupid, selfish. I’m a bitch, a liar, a backstabber. I don’t think about others and I act like a child. When you tell me, I am angry, but then hurt. I feel betrayed and alone, I depress easily. I feel as if no one likes me, and I cannot be myself without making someone hate me. To be myself is to die alone, and to die alone is the worst kind of punishment that could ever be laid upon me. I never want to be alone, and this relishes in my personality. I try to please people any way I can, and still try to be myself. I do not like to smile much unless I am nervous, extremely happy, or laughing. I will smile if you do, but it is not genuine. It is not real, but polite. It is because of all of the timeless occasions I was teased and tormented as a child and young adult. Maybe I am being too sensitive. Although these accusations are thrown at me, some of them are true… You just have to know me before you should believe what others say or what you read.


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dragyonfly said...

I guess this must be personal. I hope you are able to get past all of those hard feelings someday. You are a good person, and a complicated being. It doesnt matter what others think of you. Its what YOU think of you.
By the way....good to see some postings.