Friday, February 22, 2013

The Surface

So here we go again,
With the loopty loop,
And the long drawn-out,
Typography letters,
Trying oh-so-hard,
To make an impression,
On complex minds,
Or simple minds,
Cursive, half cursive,
Bunched up,
Upside down letters,
Trying to be noticed,
And to make awe,
Or maybe trying to be,
Unique or boring,
Something along the lines,
Of insanity and serenity,
All wrapped up in one,
Big and bold,
Tiny and thin,
There is no,
Making sense,
Of these compilations,
Of letter and arrows,
Stars and squiggly lines,
Making an impression,
On a train,
The side of a building,
A canvas or notebook paper,
To be recognized,
By other young urban folk,
To call out your name without sound,
And to shock and protest,
To lie and steal from your mind,
It does not hide often,
But it can be sneaky,
Oh the urbanity,
It creeps along city streets,
Galloping and hopping,
From eye to eye,
Near or far,
It awaits attention,
Craves it,
Until covered up,
Only to present,
A new blank canvas,
To be further worked on,
And in due time,
Under construction it may be,
It will be revealed,
To further grab you by the shirt,
And say "HEY, LOOK AT ME!"


Brian Miller said...

hey look at me!!!! smiles....yeah covering them up you are just giving a whole new canvas for the next...cant shut people up that easy....very cool response...

Abruvanamedsly said...

Graffiti walls do tell all...even when they piece.

Anonymous said...

A clean wall is seen as both an opportunity and a challenge. Creativity must find some exression - when we've removed nearly every vestige of creativity from the school curriculum, filled so much open space with yet more monotonous urban sprawl and reduced our lives to being cogs in the economic machine, it shouldn't surprise us when creative people express themselves in ways that the mainstream does not approve of.

dragyonfly said...

Love this! I can never really read some of the messages it's like a new language. But I know I'm intrigued as it appears suddenly in front of me as a train goes by. It's beautiful in its own way. But your phrases about creeping and crawling along the street and appearing out of nowhere were so vivid. Thanks for sharing

Claudia said...

ah it's good that they can't be silenced so easily..look at me creativity...yeah...hope they (and all of us) never stop to find new and creative ways to express what we think and are

kkkkaty said...

cool to discover some old graffiti when tearing down a building...words screaming to be aching to be seen..;)

hyperCRYPTICal said...

Ditto to rumoursofrhyme comment - our world has become bland - we must fill it with our sense of being alive.

Anna :o]

Anna Montgomery said...

Love your visual and really enjoyed your take on the prompt.