Wednesday, July 25, 2012


     Breathe the breath of dignity into my lungs. Pump the blood of courage through my veins. Feed me knowledge, and play the songs of serenity. I await the day that I can sit back, stare at the ceiling, and know that everything is going to be okay. The world in my eyes looks shallow and short-lived. I do not have enough time to accomplish what I would like. But instead, to achieve serenity I cannot look at the world, I have to look at myself. My insides, my guts, my brain matter. I have to poke and prod and find all the leaks and broken valves that make me defected. These shortcomings are so bold and outspoken, yet my innermost self, the real me, is shy and quiet. The thoughts of things with horrible outcomes or shocking results are louder than ever. The thoughts of good deeds and glorious praises that lead to the road of confidence and composed tranquility are mere whispers. It tears me apart to know that the thoughts that drive these bad behaviors are hard to overcome just to hear a few simple suggestions from my innermost psyche. As time goes on, and the road becomes less rocky, these thoughts that are genial and positive become more gregarious and livelier. Staring at the ceiling with a smile on my face, the time has come to rest my body, mind, and soul. Falling into a deep slumber, I am at peace, and the afterlife awaits.

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