Saturday, May 26, 2012

Write a story in the form of a pool, with a shallow end and a deep end.

She steps on the stage, the music blasting bass in the background, the lights moving around the room. The colorful lights bounce off her milky white skin. She swings her hips, and the tassels on her bikini bottoms flicking to one side, and the other as she rotates her hips, the tassels twitching at every bump of the bass. She reaches behind her, with her arms overhead, and leans back on the shiny pole in the middle of the stage. Her hips continue to roll as she leans further back, her back arching further, until she picks herself off the floor, and swings her legs in the air, crossing and uncrossing her legs. Her blond curls brush the dance floor as she wraps her legs around the pole and slides down, arching her back once again, reaching her arms out and stretching head first across the stage on her belly. Glitter glistens off her torso, as her breasts push against the floor and her body. Her eyes seducing, when she jumps to all fours, heels touching the ground. She pops her derriere to the bass a few times before standing slowly, rolling her abs and crossing her legs, making a 180 degree turn, making an A with her legs, she touches her toes and wiggles her fat bottom, cheeks swaying side to side. Standing with her back turned against the onlookers, she unties her green lacy bikini top and holds her arms in front of her breasts, pushing them up making her cleavage bountiful and bouncy looking. She sways her body side to side, one arm thrown out to the side, as the other soon follows and the top is fallen to the floor. She kicks it off the stage, and reveals her perky breasts with small round pink nipples, pale and fresh. She squats to the floor, and perches on one knee, her hands balancing her to the floor. She squeezes her breasts between her arms and slowly rolls her hips from side to side, changing rotation every other beat. Biting her lower lip, she gracefully reaches over her head and stands all the while arching her back, doing a backflip in the most graceful way, doing a front split slowly in the middle of the flip, landing softly back on her heels, she turns and struts off stage, her bottom swaying on the way out.

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